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Zarya Parx Studio "Designing with Disabilities" Blog

Our first blog is an introduction of our biography, art concepts and webstores

Zarya Parx Studio is the collective creation of the mother and daughter artistic team of Charlene Perret  (Zarya Parx) and Madalaine Anne. We welcome you to our humble cyber abode. We design custom art created from of our original art submissions in the mediums of photographs, paintings, sketches and digital art in a home based atmosphere. We also apply our art to custom designed eco-friendly and organic merchandise available through our Zarya Parx Studio, Litany Lane and Madalaines Managerie Custom Art Designs Webstores.

Who is Zarya Parx?  That would be me, Charlene Perret! I am a native of New Orleans. I am the single mother of five and the grandmother of two! The eldest are the triplets age 33 followed by my younger son age 28, my youngest daughter age 9 and my grandson age 11. Plus, I welcome the newest addition to our family, my grandson born January 13, 2011. Raising my youngest daughter, Madalaine Anne, alone as well as mentoring for my upcoming grandchildren is the driving force, my inspiration, as to why I chose return to college and strive to complete my bachelors degree after a 28 year hiatus.

The meaning of my chosen pen name, Zarya, is derived from ancient Slavonic origin meaning "Morning Star" and symbolically represents my motto "The Dawn of A New Day". Parx is a metaphor articulating the importance of environmental preservation and conservation in our delicate and ever-changing yet sustainable biosphere.

Academically, I desire to continue to master my life-long knowledge and expertise in the fields of Environmental Science, Historical Geography, Cultural Anthropology, European Art History and Multimedia/Visual Studio Art. I graduated in the Spring of 2012, Cum Laude, in Cultural Studies with a cumulative concentration of museum field research and documentary publication for exhibitions and development of interactive traveling educational programs for museums as well as visual art applications to various cultural and environmental themes.

As a college graduate with a major in interdisciplinary cultural studies with minors in visual art, historical geography and environmental science and as the former President Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU) international Geographic Honor Society Zeta Lamba Chapter and University of New Orleans Student Government Senator as well as my daughter, Maddie, is an AP honor 4th grade student in a hybrid home-based charter school, we are fully aware of our responsibility as stewards of our biosphere to advocate in the preservation and conservation of all flora and fauna. As conservation stewards, we are trying to do our part to maintain a "Greener" biosphere!...and you will notice the majority of our custom art design products are Eco-friendly and Organic! We advocate to support the World Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, Audubon Zoo and/or New Orleans Museum of Art.

Healthwise, I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis and recently diagnosed with Celiac Sprue and Akylosing Spodylitis. Seems when it rains it pores, but it could be worse, so I try to bear my crosses with dignity, humility and a devout faith in God. The RA is not to be confused with osteoarthritis. RA and AS are an auto-immune diseases that affects every organ, even my eyes, optical neuropathy, as well as eats away at every joint in my body and spine. The ongoing complications have left me with distorted limbs , unstable atlas/axis and compromised vision in the right eye, which has required a concerted effort of physical and visual adaption. So please accept my apology for typos, as I tend to accidentally omit a letter or word from my writings, even with editing. As the RA progresses I go through numerous flares and remissions. It is the most brutal battle I have ever encountered in my life but I am determined to stay positive as I try to overcome every obstacle it throws at me not for my sake for my youngest daughter, Maddie, whom I raise alone and as a mentorship to my grandchildren and all children to go forth, achieve your dreams, regardless of the obstacles. My motto: "Where there is a will, There is a way".

Currently, I am savoring in a much needed R and R this summer while my primary focus trying to go into remission with a priority to engage in daily enjoyable activities with my youngest daughter. Secondary is launching this blog, continuing with my passion for creating art, developing art education programs and financially, marketing our webstores over the summer in an effort to build a stable income before I embark on graduate school in the Fall of 2012 at John Hopkins University to attain a Masters in Museum Studies.

I am to determine to go into remission because my youngest daughter, Madalaine Anne, has yet to encounter the battle of her life , In April of 2008, I faced a mother's worst nightmare... when Madalaine was diagnosed with early onset ADPKD just days before her fifth birthday. Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD) is a life-threatening genetic disease, affecting 600,000 Americans and 12.5 million people, worldwide. ADPKD affects 1 in 500 newborns, children and adults regardless of sex, age, race or ethnic origin. It does not skip a generation. There are currently no treatments, no meds or cure for PKD. I am determined to fight not only put my own disease into remission but to provide a fulfilling, living and stab future for Madalaine.At the tender age of five Madalaine has already lost 25% kidney function with just a small cluster of cysts in both kidneys. If the progression of this disease continues at this ratio, it is estimated that Madalaine will require dialysis and/or a transplant by age 20. I will be there for her as her disease progresses but hopefully a cure will be found before dialysis and transplants are needed. Currently, with no cure and no meds developed, her only line of defense is low sodium gluten-free diet. So far, she is remission and I hope it stays that way. Madalaine, aka Maddie, is the most positive and creative child and I am blessed to have her in my life, she is my inspiration. Madalaine is an amazing child with incredible courage and always has a smile on her face, happiness to spread, a kind word to share, thrives to learn and a creative processes that amazes me, as she loves to create with a crayon or book in hand since infancy and and of late mastering design concepts and digital art software. She is my inspiration to continually maintain a positive attitude of living a fulfilling life, in lieu of my disabling disease of RA and her incurable disease of PKD, we will find a way to overcome the obstacles we encounter because we are survivors.

Humanitarianism is an essential key factor towards long term sustenance and survival of the human species. As a Roman Catholic, my family grew up under and I continue to raise my children and grandchildren under the inspiration of such devoted humanitarians as Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul II. Through our travels we have learned to respect other cultures and faiths. We strongly feel it is our individual responsibility as stewards of our biosphere to join our resources in an effort to help those who are not in a position to help themselves, especially children and animals. It is imperative to sequester or at least minimize the effects of such atrocities as child abuse, apathy, famine, poverty, war, genocide, disease and natural disasters as no country including the USA is immune.

Since, Madalaine and I suffer from chronic diseases, (I with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Celiac. Maddie with early onset Polycystic Kidney Disease) we both require special Gluten-free and low sodium diets. So, we had to re-learn nutrition and adapt to a healthier cuisine. In an effort to help others, we are also in the process of publishing a Gluten-free French cookbook within the year: Cuisine de la Semaine....Bon Appetit to Gluten-Free!

We know we are not alone in health crises and why we are advocates for the Arthritis Foundation, Osteoporosis Foundation, The Celiac Sprue Foundation, Ovarian Cancer Foundation and The Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation. I will not cease promoting awareness, stewardship, advocacy and patient support until cures are developed. I wil always find a way to promote enjoying and live life regardless of the curveballs, everyday is a blessing.

About our Art Concepts and Webstores:  Because we have physical and health limitations, we transitioned and adapted to creating our livelihood from a home-based studio:

Zarya Parx Studio is the collective creation of the mother and daughter artistic team of Charlene Perret and Madalaine Anne.  Our custom art designs are created from of our original art submissions in the mediums of photographs, paintings, sketches and digital art. Our custom designed merchandise is available through our Zarya Parx Studio, Litany Lane and Madalaines Managerie Custom Designs Webstores. We offer our custom art designs printed on a variety of merchandise ranging from apparel, totes, jewelry, hats, flip flops, home decor, clocks, framed prints, high-tech cases, office decor, serving trays, linens, blankets, drink-ware, stationery, auto decor, novelty gifts and more! Personalized monograms are available on select designs. We also offer bowls, shirts and tags for pets on select designs! In appreciation for your business, a coupon is always posted in the sidebar of our webstores. Coupon savings vary month to month.

As conservation advocates we are trying to do our part to maintain a "Greener" biosphere!...and you will notice the majority of our custom design merchandise are Eco-friendly and our apparel is available in Organic material! 

In addition, we believe in giving back to our community by supporting the following causes: A monthly 10% of the net of total purchases is donated in rotation to The Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation (PKD), The Arthritis Foundation, World Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, The Audubon Nature Institute and/or the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Please check out and bookmark our other webstores: Litany Lane " Spiritual and Inspirational Themed Custom Art Designs"; and Madalaines Managerie , "Fun Art Designs with Youth in Mind" and our newest addition Zarya Parx Studio Wildlife Series Webstore dedicated to promoting conservation and preservation of our biosphere.  A Facebook and Pinterest link are also posted for recommending, sharing, pinning, accessing, following and of course purchasing our products. Our Facebook Badges and Webstore Widgets of our merchandise is posted for viewing in side and bottom bars.

Subscribe, share  and evolve with us as we aspire "Designing with Disabilities": Thank you for subscribing to our blog and shopping at our webstores. Our blogs are intended to compliment our webstores and utilize the accessibility of the internet networking. The public can freely subscribing to our blog as a central social location to evolve as we evolve. Our future blog posts will include updates on new custom art designed merchandise, DYI visual art tutorials, art history education webinars, environmental and health awareness and more...Our ability to create art is a gift we don't take lightly. Everything we do, our art, blogs, webstores and merchandise are created with lots of love and devotion and inspired by our fan-base support! To learn more about our art concepts, we invite you to evolve with us... please visit our FB fan-pages and webstores.

Bottom-line.... the negative addendum: "can't and quit" are eradicated from our vocabulary.....we aspire to, in the least, "try" to achieve and evolve in a positive manner simply by re-accessing and adapting to situations as they occur..."Where there is a will, there is a way".

I thank you for taking the time to get to know Madalaine Anne and I and we look forward to getting to know you! ~Hugs, Charlene, aka Zarya Parx.

Your subscription, referrals and purchases are deeply appreciated and we hope you enjoy our blogs, webstores and merchandise as they are created with lots of love and inspired by your support! Visit often and please share us! ~Zarya Parx Studio, New Orleans, LA USA.


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